Bravo Sports Club

2013 Hockey 5 schedule

JLAC supports the Wendigos and the Bravo Girls in their participation of the 2013 MegaIce Hockey 5 Tournament.  The Wendigos competes in the Asian Division, and the Bravo Girls competes in the Womens’ Division.

Asian Division

The 2013 tournament features the combination of the Asian A and Asian B divisions.  16 teams were divided into pools of four teams each and they will play round-robin.  The 1st placed team advances to the Asian A semi-finals, the 2nd placed team advances to the Asian B semi-finals, and the 3rd placed team advances to the newly created Asian C division semi-finals.  The last placed team will play consolation games.

The Wendigos are in Pool A, where they are grouped with strong teams like HKAIH, Manila Hawks, and the legendary HK Hitmen.

Women’s Division

A total of 6 teams will fight for the Women’s Division Championship.  Powerhouses WIHO Saints and Abu Dhabi Storms were separated into Pools A and B along with four other teams.

The Bravo Girls plays in Pool A.  They face the returning champions WIHO Saints, and an unknown new team called the Southern Stars.



MAY 6 – 19:30 BRAVO vs WIHO Saints
MAY 7 – 15:50 BRAVO vs Southern Stars
MAY 7 – 19:30 WENDIGOS vs Manila Hawks
MAY 9 – 11:05, 12:00, or 12:55 BRAVO vs [TBA]
MAY 9 – 19:30 WENDIGOS vs HK Hitmen