Bravo Sports Club


It is a great joy to learn a new sport.  Over time we become good enough to play matches with our friends or perhaps enter a league, only to find out there is no where to play, no teams to join.  Some sport organizations only welcome the elite, some organizations only focus on promoting sports to new players.  Somehow, the rest of the players are forgotten.

Jung Lok Athletic Club (JLAC) was founded in 2010 to fill the void.

The Inaugural Team Bravo

The original Bravo ice hockey team

Logo for Jung Lok Athletic Club

The original club logo

In the summer of 2010, a group of ice hockey players tried to form a team to compete in the Hong Kong Amateur’s Ice Hockey League.  The team was made up by mostly new players who had taken ice hockey lessons before.  They were all extremely passionate about the game but had no where to play.

Soon after, local legendary players like Antony “Lamo” Chan, Murphy Cheung, and Randy Lau joined the team and completed the inaugural sqaud for Team Bravo.

Despite the mighty powers of the legendary trio, Bravo had one of the worst team records in the league.  However, the team swept the league with our fun-loving team spirit.  Over the years, JLAC has spread their loving spirit and “happy hockey” vision around leagues everywhere in Hong Kong.

Perhaps for elite players, winning is everything.  We at JLAC believe sports should be enjoyed by not just the elite players and we believe for most people, it is more important to have fun first.  The name Jung Lok (眾樂) comes from a Chinese saying “Everybody having fun together (大眾同樂).”  This is a value we will hold dearly, and we will always be known as “The Fun-Loving People.”

The new club logo introduced in 2016

The new club logo introduced in 2016

In 2016, Jung Lok Athletic Club was renamed Bravo Sports Club (BSC) to reflect its roots from the original hockey team. The Chinese name 眾樂體育會 remained unchanged. In the same year, the club expanded from a single-sport organization to a multi-sports club.


Early 2016, a few baseball fanatics in BSC held a baseball practice.  Then word got out and several other BSC members showed interest in the sport as well. As a result, the BSC Baseball Section was formed.

Sections of other sports were formed in a similar fashion later that year. At the end of summer 2016, the Bravo Sports Clubs had a total of six sections: badminton, baseball, e-sports, hiking, ice hockey, and snooker.

These sections held regular practices and casual games, providing BSC members opportunities to participate in different sporting activities in their leisure time.