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2015 Hockey 5’s Wrap Up


The 2015 MegaIce Hockey 5’s Tournament was a great success.  Although none of our teams received any awards, everyone had fun and went home with wonderful experiences.

The Bravo Girls finished last in the women’s division.  Thanks to coach Theo Wong, the girls improved every single game.  Their best moment came when they played power-house Abu Dhabi Storm, and limited their scoring to just 3 goals.

The Asian B Bravo team finished 8th out of 10 teams and qualified for the Asian C semi finals.  The team eventually lost to the legendary Blades 1-4.

Superb play of the local youngsters raised a lot of eyebrows in the Asian A Wendigos.  Although the team only managed to gain 1 point in 4 round-robin games, the Japanese Duo of Naoki Kaneko and Ryo Miyazaki guided the boys through out the tournament.

It showed when R. Miyazaki and Kaneko let the youngsters took over in their last game against Gold Club, a team made up of only Hong Kong “national” players.  Wendigos fought a close battle and only lost the game by a goal.

The international B HKYN made it to the quarter-finals and was over-powered by the Cathay Flyers by a score of 1-3.  Most of the HKYN players were involved in two different divisions and fatigue was a deciding factor.

At Junglok, we would like to thank MegaIce and its staff for the wonderful event.

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