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Bravo’s Cinderella Ride Over In A Blink

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Dreams of a Cinderella ride for the HKL Division 3 expansion team were shattered when they were eliminated by WIHO in two straight games.

Bravo fans were ecstatic with the team’s amazing run at the end of the season.  The stretch run allowed Bravo to qualify for the playoffs as the 5th seed.  “Our manager thought the team would be fighting for 8th place during his preseason talk,” said defenseman Randy “La Dude” Lau, “and it is obvious we have exceeded his expectations.”

Despite forgetting to bring his contact lenses for game 2 in the playoffs, and tripping himself at a pace of 1.3 trips/game, the team is expected to re-sign the veteran.

While the players are off to an early post-season, team manager Scott Yang is immediately working hard to re-sign the two biggest stars in the entire league:  Theo Wong and Jouni “Yoko” Tormanen.

“They are the best players to ever play for our organization,” said Yang during an exclusive interview, “and it is my job to get out there and sign them for as many years as I could.”

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