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Bravo Girls Made History With Fourth Place Finish


The 2014 Hockey 5’s Tournament ended for the Bravo Girls on Friday.  They were pitted against Manila Hawks in Bravo’s last round-robin game.  A win would have sent the Bravo Girls into the semi-finals for a rematch against Abu Dhabi Storm.  After three solid round-robin games, confidence in the girls were at a all time high.  “I had to pull the players back from the clouds,” said cautious rookie coach Scott Yang before the game.  “I expected a tie against Manila but we need to beat them to advance.  It is my job to let my players understand the situation we’re in.”

Bravo Girl’s great goaltending and strong defense showed right from the beginning of the game.  The team played an offensive game for the first time this tournament, Bravo Girl’s strong defenders and goalie all stepped up and played brilliantly to support their forwards.  However, the Hawks defense and goalie refused to let up as the game soon turned into a serious test of endurance and patience.

Pressure for the Bravo Girls build as the game remained scoreless.  They have piled up numerous lethal scoring chances but were still not able to solve Hawks goalie Camille Pastrana.  Then disaster struck when Bravo Girls turned the puck over:  two speedy Hawks forward skated past the stunned Bravo defense and eventually scored on a 2-on-0.

That lone goal was all Manila needed as they went on to shut out Bravo Girls 1-0.

Bravo goalie Virginia Wong was clearly disappointed with the result and vowed to train hard and become a better goalie for next year.  The rest of the team were glad when they learnt that they have finished in fourth place, ahead of WIHO Angels.  “The team was wonderful,” said veteran Wing Chan, “I am very happy to see their improvement.  It pushes me to work harder in the coming year.”

Olivia Ng, who scored the only goal for the team in the tournament, was also happy with how the team performed this year: “We used to be a weak little team where everyone were able to beat us by 10 goals or more.  We are now a much better team and I can even score.  Oh I’m just so happy happy happy happy…” <and she went on to smack her hockey stick repeatedly on the ground again.>

It was quite obvious that the team wanted to stick together and prepare for next year.  “We don’t know what the future holds,” said a cool veteran defender Aggie Chin, “we will just have to keep practicing and playing, score goals and have fun.”


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