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Zholbarys Finished In 2nd, Advances To Semi-Finals


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The 2014 MegaIce Hockey 5’s Tournament has completed its fifth day of competition, and is now heading into the final day of the week-long event.

Upon completion of the International B divisional prelimination rounds, Nordic Vikings and Kazakhstan Zholbarys both maintained perfect 4-0 records.  We lost track of all those goals the Zholbarys scored so we are not reporting on their wins over the Cathay Flyers and the Singapore Spitfire.

Although the Kazakhs led the entire division in scoring by a large margin, Nordic Vikings advanced directly into the finals as the number one seeded team because of a lower Goals Against (GA).

2nd seed Kazakhstan Zholbarys will play 3rd seed Shanghai Red Guards today at 11:45am to determine the other finalist of International B.

This shall be an interesting match-up as all top-8 scoring leaders in the division belongs to these two teams.

Zholbarys forward Mikhail “The Giant” Lazarenko currently leads all scorers with 10 goals and 10 assists with 20 points.  “He was just lucky.” said Lazarenko’s teammate Oleg Onichshenko, who is 4th in scoring with 6 goals and 8 assists.

We hope his luck continues as their opponents get tougher and tougher.

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