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Bravo Girls Scored Emotional First Goal In Two Years


Bolstered by two impressive games on Tuesday, the Bravo Girls came to the rink in a jolly mood on day 3 of the 2014 MegaIce Hockey 5’s tournament.  Smiling faces replaced all those nervous faces from their previous games.

After missing day 2 of the tournament, veterans Stephanie Cheung and Aggie Chin joined the team just in time as forward Rebecca Chow was out indefinitely with an injured shoulder.

“It was a good sign, they were relaxed and they deserved to be.  I didn’t even give them the pre-game prep talk,”  rookie coach Scott Yang said during the post-game press conference.  “I was actually the nervous one, we’re going play against the champions from last year.” The Bravo Girls were up against the Abu Dhabi Storm — widely considered to be one of the two heavy favorites in this year’s tournament.

The first two periods of the game were played mostly in Bravo Girls’ defensive zone as AD Storm took charge early in the game.  AD Storm’s big and physical players knocked down most of Bravo’s clearing attempts and managed to control the game with great relative success.

Bravo Girls played a quality defending game but the AD Storm attacks ultimately forced the tight defense to cracks.  AD Storm was able to capitalize on those defensive mistakes and scored three goals.  However, the tenacious Bravo Girls did not go away just yet.

At the start of the final period, Bravo switched into attack-mode and caught an out-of-focus AD Storm team by surprise.  Center Cristal Ho sent a nice pass to Olivia Ng, and Ng turned the pass into the team’s first goal of the tournament in two years.  Olivia Ng jumped around with waving arms and pumping fists to celebrate her first goal of the tournament as a Bravo Girl.  Ng also banged her stick on ice roughly 730 times to say goodbye to the 2 year (roughly 730 days) team scoreless drought. Ng’s emotional display undoubtedly touched the entire arena. Even the grumpy tournament organizer < censored > was seen wiping away tears from the corners of his eyes.

The pumped underdogs pushed further with their attacks and gave AD Storm a good scare at the end of the period, but AD Storm kept its door shut as the reigning champions won the game 3-1.

In other news, Manila Hawks beat WIHO Angels 2-1. This means the Bravo Girls now control their own fate: with a win against the Manila Hawks, Bravo Girls could finish 3rd overall and advance to the Finals Qualifying Game. Anything less would mean an early exit from the tournament.

The crucial game will be played at 7:50am, 9th May.

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