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Kazakhstan Zholbarys Debut With 13-1 Win Over CCHA


Day 2 of the 2014 MegaIce Hockey 5’s Tournament saw the Kazakhstan Zholbarys take on the CCHA Warriors.  Both teams belong to Pool A in the International B division along with the Wendigos.

CCHA, the Canadian Chinese Hockey Association, has been a long time participant in the Hockey 5’s.  Their speedy players and good passing game beat the Wendigos 9-3 in day 1 of the tournament.

For the Zholbarys, this marks their debut at the Hockey 5’s.  They are also the first team from the euro-asia region to enter the tournament.

It took the Zholbarys players quite a few minutes to get used to the soft ice and the warm humid air at the MegaIce rink, then they clicked and cruised to a 13-1 victory.

The Zholbarys demonstrated a matured European-style passing game with beautiful set plays.  With the win, these newcomers from Kazakstan have set the standard for the division.  Aleksandr Yadrishnikov led Zholbarys scoring with 2 goals and 4 assists.  Oleg Onichshenko and Mikhail “The Giant” Lazarenko both had 5 points each.

Group A will finish play today when the Kazakhstan Zholbarys play the Wendigos.  The slaughter starts at 3:35pm.

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