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Upbeat Wendigos Smiles At 9-3 Loss To CCHA Warriors

Wendigos Opening 2

JAC affiliate team Wendigos was honored to be chosen as one of the teams to play the opening game for the 2014 MegaIce Hockey 5’s Tournament.  Terry Choi, current player of the Hong Kong men’s senior ice hockey team, represented the Wendigos at the puck-drop ceremony.

“Terry was chosen for this prestigious ceremony because he’s the most photogenic person on the team,” said team manager Shanla Lau on her decision to pick Choi over the other fan favorite, Otto Chan.  “Otto does not have the maturity look of Terry, I’d pick our goalie instead of Otto.”  The manager added.

The opening game between the Wendigos and the CCHA Warriors started on time at 2:45pm with a great crowd and a major local TV station covering the game.  CCHA jumped off to a great start with a lot of speed, which took everyone by surprise and the Wendigos scrambled a bit early in the first period.

Wendigos goalie Scott Yang was able to keep the team in the game with several key saves, then the stars of the his team stepped up.  Terry “Mr. Photogenic” Choi gained possession of the puck, moved into the slot and scored a beautiful top corner goal over CCHA goalie Sam Wong.

A stunned CCHA team quickly regained their focus and worked a beautiful passing game.  Eventually the Wendigos defense broke down and CCHA quickly ran up the score.

Wendigos youngsters Brad Lee and Otto Chan would later score for their team but it was too late as CCHA Warrior beat the Wendigos by a score of 9-3.

Despite the score and number of shots on goals (37-11 for CCHA), the Wendigos looked respectable on ice.  Wendigos forward Otto Chan said during the post-game press conference, “everyone fought till the end, I’m proud of my teammates.  OH, I was so pumped to have scored my first goal ever in an international division.”  The referees were kind enough to give him the game puck after the game.

Perhaps veteran Yoann Riou comments best summed up the game:  “It was a positive game.  It was a lot of fun.  Everyone had fun.  I can’t wait until our next game!”

Wendigos will continue their craziness this Wednesday at 3:35pm when they meet JAC’s other affiliate team from Kazakhstan.

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