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JAC Supports The Kazakhstan Zholbarys At The 2014 Hockey 5’s


The Kazakhstan Zholbarys became the third affiliated team with the JAC today as the executives of both clubs finalized the deal today.  The partnership began when Zholbarys owner Anvar Stamkulov played on the same team with JAC general manager Scott Yang in the 2012 Bangkok Land of Smiles Tournament.

At the 2013 MegaIce Hockey5’s Tournament, Stamkulov personally sponsored and sent two players (and himself) from Kazakhstan to play with Yang.  With the help of the three magnificent players, the team became champions of the Asian C division.  More importantly, local youngsters had valuable experience of playing with extremely high-caliber players.

The Zholbarys reached out again and offered to send four to five amateur players for this year’s Hockey 5’s tournament.  Unfortunately some of the players were deemed too strong for the Asian divisions, and the idea was rejected by the organizers.

Although the Kazakhs could not compete in the Asian divisions, they will participate in the International B division with 11 players:

Sergey Ossintsev, 2011 Asian Winter Games Premier Division gold medalist, was the starting goalie for the Kyrgyzstan national team.

Oleg Onichshenko and Ilya Poloshkov were former Kazakhstan U20 national team members.  Poloshkov then played most of his hockey career in the Kazakhstan Hockey League, the Russian 2 League, and the Russian 3 League.

Rinat Omarbekov and Aleksandr Yadryshnikov were former Kazakhstan U18 players.  Omarbekov played most of his hockey career in the Kazakhstan Hockey League and the Russian 2 and 3 Leagues.  Yadrishnikov currently plays in Division B of the  Russian Junior Hockey League (MHL)

Yevgeniy Yerger played two seasons in the VHL, Russia’s second highest level hockey league from 2008-2010.

Erik Levin, 22, also played a season in the MHL B League.  He is now playing in the Kazakhstan Hockey League.

Mikhail Lazarenko represented Kazakhstan in the 2009 Winter Universiade Games.

Amateur players Aziz Muzafarov, Nurzhan Iddrisov, Anvar Stamkulov and Diyas Mikhramov completes the Zholbarys roster.

The Kazakhstan Zholbarys plays beautiful European-style hockey.  Their wonderful teamwork and passing game would be a joy to watch.  They will play in Group A of the International B division along with CCHA Warriors and Wendigos (our other affiliated team).

Come out and support our friends from Kazakhstan.  Here is their schedule for the first round robin:



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