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JAC Announced Support For Wendigos At 2014 Hockey 5’s

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Junglok Athletic Club announced today that the organization is supporting the Wendigos at the 2014 MegaIce Hockey 5’s.  The team will be competing in the International B division against 8 other teams from all around the world.

The Wendigo’s focus was to provide a channel for players who wanted to participate in the international level, but have never gotten the chance to do so.

Given the focus of the team, Wendigos are arguably the weakest team in the entire International B division.  Team manager Scott Yang did not seem concerned at the press conference and said, “most of our players have never played at this level, and some of our players are probably not skilled enough to play at this level.  Yeah we’ll get beaten pretty badly, but I’m happy simply because we are able to put together a team.”

The recruitment process for the Wendigos was painful and extremely difficult until the team managed to secure the services of Yan Dong — ex-player-coach of the Macau National Men’s Hockey Team, and current Hong Kong national team players Theo Wong, and Terry Choi.  “The younger players in our team will certainly learn a lot from these wonderful players.”  Said Wendigos coach Wong Cheung.

2014 Wendigos International B Team Roster:

Yan Dong
Doug Crang
Jeremy Hutchins
Yoann Riou
Michael Bendy
Otto Chan
Steve Leung
Brad Lee
Theo Wong
Terry Choi
Wong Cheung
Scott Yang
Rex Kong


Wendigos will be competing in Group A along with CCHA Warriors and our friends, Anvar Stamkulov and his Zholbarys, from Kazakhstan.

5 May, Monday, 14:45,  vs CCHA Warriors
7 May, Wednesday, 15:35,  vs Kazakhstan Zholbarys

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