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JAC Introduces “The Bravo Five” For The Summer

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As the long hockey season comes to a close, some of the players take the summer off to freshen their minds or rest their injuries.  For Bravo, they will be missing Ambrose Lee, Ken Lam, Mark McKeown, Robert Wong, and superstar Doug Crang.

Today Bravo M annouced that they have signed five players to complete their roster through the 2014 summer season of the HKAHC Sunday Recreational League (SRL).

Stealthy forward Gary Leung was one of the original Bravos from their AHL Novice Division inaugural season (summer 2010).  Leung signed with Bravo S of the Empire Hockey League (EHL) after the season and has played their ever since.  Leung is well-known for his white hair and skin, which acts as a camouflage against the white-colored ice and side-boards.  The camouflage effect makes it difficult for opponents to see him, enabling him to be able to skate around the rink without being detected.

The addition of Gary Leung also gives Bravo M an advantage when they play the late games, where its common for the rink to get completely fogged up.

Playmaker Lau Yat Lung, a recent champion of the EHL Division B with the Bulls Hit, started his career with the EHL and quickly rose to fame with his dazzling puck-handling skills.  Lau signed a one-year contract with Bravo M in the 2012-13 SRL season and had 2 goals and 1 assist in 11 games.  Lau is the exact opposite of Gary Leung as Lau is well-known for his long black hair (on his forehead) and dark skin complexion.  Whenever he skates, he looks like a huge black puck moving around the ice.  Pucks magically blends in with Lau’s body when the puck comes into his possession, which makes it next to impossible for opponents to poke check him.

Manager Scott Yang’s response to the reason he signed Lau Yat Lung, “What if there’s a power outage during the game?”

Sniper Alan Lui is new to the Bravo M team but he has been a long time Bravo S player in the EHL.  He has reasonable speed and a nice scoring touch.  Manager Yang hopes that Lui will provide a much needed boost for the Bravo team in the SRL.  Yang marveled at the fact that “he (Lui) has a big head, which means he probably has a big brain, which likely means he can analyse in-game situations with ease and make good plays.”

Lui also fills a hole in the Bravo roster as he loves to park in front of the opponent’s net.  It is rumored that when the opposing defenders try to push Lui away from the crease, his head will become bigger and bigger and eventually explode.  This ability to create such distractions, Bravo should be scoring more goals this season.

Versatile forward/defense Cristal Ho, current player of the Hong Kong Women’s hockey team, has been a player with Bravo M in the 2012-13 Winter League and the 2012 Summer League.  She was also a member of the Bravo S team in the EHL for various seasons.  Ho put her hockey career on hold in 2013 and dedicated herself to training with various coaches.  Her efforts definitely paid off when she was selected to represent Hong Kong at the 2014 IIHF Women’s Challenge Cup of Asia (Division 1) and ultimately crowned champions of the tournament.

Ho was also 4th in the scoring leader board of the 2014 Hong Kong Women’s Ice Hockey League (HKWIHL) with 2 goals and 7 assists in 10 games.  Her dedication proved herself a real champion and Junglok Athletic Club is proud to welcome her back.

Offensive defenseman Kevin “The Steam Engine” So rounds up the summer Bravo signings as the fifth new member of the team.  He played 3 seasons on Novice Division of the SRL with X-Skate Grizzlies from 2009 – 2011.  He then signed with Bravo S and continued his hockey career in Division B of the EHL.  He took the 2013-14 season off to pursue his interest in seeking the real meaning of life.

The Steam Engine is a very skillful defenseman who can carry the puck into the offensive zone.  Whenever he has possession of the puck, he would immediately fire up and push his way up the ice like train with a steam engine.  His power is so great that not many players in the league can stop him and thus his nickname The Steam Engine.

So’s skills are not yet perfected due to a lack of practice.  For now his special ability lasts for about 3 seconds and he would “run out of steam.”  Manager Scott Yang is not worried because “its only a minor inconvenience.”  Yang expects So’s “Steam Power” time to double by the end of the summer season.

JAC wishes the 2014 Summer Bravo M team the best of luck.  The season starts Tuesday, 8 June 2014.

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