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2014 HKAHC Summer Rec. League Open For Registration

HKAHCThe 2014 HKAHC Summer Recreational League (SRL) is now open for registration.

Here are the information released by the HKAHC:


Premiere & Regular Division games will mainly on Sundays from June 3 to August 3, 2014
Novice Division games will mainly on Tuesdays from June 8 to August 3, 2014
Please note that some matches will be scheduled on Fridays.

The Teams: maximum 12 teams, each team composes of at least 15 Full-time skaters, 3 Registered Part-time skaters and 1 Goalie
Teams will be divided into PremiereRegular and Novice Division according to summation of evaluation points, please refer to attached Rules & Regulations and Point Table. A maximum 58 points for Premiere Division, 48 for Regular Division, and 38points for Novice Division. No Point 4 or above player is allowed in Novice. (HKAHC reserves the right of final allocation of teams into different Divisions)

Format: a total of 3 round robin will be played. The team ranked 1st in the Regular and Novice Division after the first round will be promoted to the higher Division. The 4th ranked team in the Premiere and Regular Division will be relegated to the lower Division. The same promotion and relegation will be applied after the second round.

1 minute warm-up (no puck), 2 20-minute running clock halves each game, 3-minute Over-time (4-on-4), if tied in OT, then Game Winning Shots (GWS) procedure

There are 9 games and 1 clinic for teams in each division

Junglok plan to enter at least one team into the league.  The league fees are HKD2550.00 per player, and HKD1750.00 per goalie.  (You pay Junglok directly)

Registration is first reserved for current or past Bravo team members based on the following:

10 spots for our roster players in the 2013-2014 HKAHL Winter League.
2 spots for our roster players in the 2013-2014 Empire Hockey League.
3 spots for Bravo players from any past seasons.

We will hold the spots until March 27th, then we will open registration to the public.

Please contact Team Manager Scott Yang for registration.  Your spot will only be confirmed when we have received your payment.

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