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Gladiator Down, WIHO Up

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Bravo started the new year with shocking news: Red hot winger Michael “Gladiator” Shoong (5 points in 5 games) was seriously injured during a mysterious training session at home.  Although The Gladiator was not available for comments, sources revealed that the warrior was secretly training at home for Bravo’s upcoming game against WIHO.

Part of the secret training program involved weight-lifting various pieces of The Gladiator’s home furniture with his toes.  This exercise would improve The Gladiator’s kicking strength and thus, enable him to skate faster.  Our source also revealed that, however, The Gladiator tried to put too much weight on one of his toes one day and ended up crushing it entirely.  Needless to say, he is out indefinitely.

The Gladiator remain upbeat about his return and he plans to “be back this season”.  He was last seen weight-lifting home furniture with his fingers in order to improve his shooting power.  Although Bravo was without the red hot scoring winger in Shoong, they gained scoring defense-man Mark McKeown back after missing two games.

WIHO was ahead of Bravo in league standings by just 1 point.  With a win, Bravo would overtake WIHO into 3rd place.

The game was exciting as both teams were evenly matched.  Shots on goals were quite close with WIHO edging Bravo by a score of 15-13.

Both teams kept on grinding for their first goals until WIHO caught Bravo napping midway through the game in the second period.  WIHO forward Art Woo scored his first two goals of the season within a span of 7 1/2 minutes.  Bravo regrouped in the third period and winger Ambrose Lee, who replaced The Gladiator as Ninja Duck’s line-mate, scored Bravo’s first goal of the night.  Lee looked solid on Bravo’s top line and he’s probably there to stay for a while.

Bravo then pushed forward for the game equalizer but WIHO forward Reston Ko scored the insurance goal at the 2:00 mark in the third period, sealing Bravo’s fate for good.  With the win, WIHO extended their lead on Bravo to 4 points.  Bravo is still holding the last playoff berth with a 6 point lead over last-placed HKCAD.

Doug “Ninja” Crang had an assist on Ambrose Lee’s goal and he is now in a 3-way tie as the top scorer in the league.  Goalie Antony “Lamo” Chan made 10 saves out of a total of 13 shot attempts.  He is third in goalie standings with a GAA of 2.11.

Bravo has a bye this coming weekend.  They will play 5th-placed HKCAD on August 19 at 8:15pm.

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