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Time To Get Sentimental

2013 Thank you

It is that time of the year and there’s no better time to get all sentimental.

Our teams Bravo M, Bravo S, and Bravo Girls have made great improvements over the past year:

– Bravo M and Bravo S are no longer basement-dwellers and are now regarded as tough competitors by most opponents;

– Bravo Girls have gone from minced meat in the Hockey 5’s tournament to winning players of the 2013 IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia;

Our affiliated teams Bulls Hit are now serious contenders in the EHL Division B League.  The Wendigos also won the Hockey 5’s Asian C Championship.

We are proud of you all.

Jung Lok Athletic Club was founded because there were people who wanted to play sports only for the fun and happiness from it.  Through out the years, JLAC never veered away from our original founding vision.

As the “operator” of the club, I always try my best to treat every single member in our club equally.  Here at JLAC, attitude and sportsmanship is all that matters.  We will continue to go forward in 2014 with the Jung Lok vision firmly in our hearts.

JLAC thank you all for your continued support.  Players who have quietly supported the club by playing every game with 100% effort; members who could no longer play;  non-Chinese speaking members who put up with all that Chinese chat in our Whatsapp groups; volunteers who helped with club matters with their own time; members who have donated to the club; photographers who risked their lives to take all those great photos; people who gave encouraging words in support of our vision…

You all made the club possible.  Thank you, and happy 2014!

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