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Ninja Duck Sparks Bravo In Crazy Come-Back


Rumors said that Bravo superstar forward Doug “Mighty Duck” Crang revealed that he has been training in a secret ninja program for months.  It was quite certain that the ninja program must have worked as “Mighty Duck” Doug Crang became “Ninja Duck” during the HKAHL Novice Division game against Swag on Sunday night.

Crang was almost unstoppable through out the game as used his ninja footwork and stealthy moves to go past opposing players.  The dominant Mighty Duck Ninja Duck scored the go-ahead goal only 2:30 into the game as a result of his newly-acquired skills.

Team Swag did not give up and stepped up their efforts immediately after the first goal.  Both teams would exchange numerous scoring chances until Bravo got into a series of penalties late in the 3rd period.  Bravo has received less than 2 penalty minutes per game per season since they have joined the league.  They received a total of 8 penalty minutes in this game.

A fuming Manager Scott Yang said during the post-game interview, “I won’t risk being penalized by the league for criticizing the referees, but I would like to point out that the team with the most hits received no penalties at all.”

With Bravo leading by only one goal, they found themselves in a 5 on 3 penalty kill and quickly gave up the tying goal to Swag.  Swag would score two more against the demoralized Bravo team.

Down by two goals and with less than 2 minutes to go in the game, Manager Yang pulled goalie Lamo and Ninja Duck struck again and pulled the score within one.  20 seconds later, Robert Wong banged in the game tying goal during the frantic pressure put on by the Bravo power line.  Every single fan around the rink gave the well-loved team a well-deserved standing ovation.

The teams were still tied after the shootout and Bravo escaped with a point in standings.

“It was a great team effort.  HKF has two assists, every single line did great.  It was a happy game.” said captain Murphy Cheung after the game.  Rookies Kinane Li and Mark McKeown also performed exceptionally well this game but they will be away for the next game.  Bravo will play Merit next Sunday at 11:15pm.


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