Bravo Sports Club

Priority List For 2013 Bravo M Registration

To recognize those who have supported the club over the years, we give priority to them during registration.

We will gradually cut-off the priority list as time goes on, so other players get a chance to play as well.

1) 2012-13 Team Bravo (HKAHL Winter) Full Time Players
2) 2013 MI Bravo (HKAHL Summer) Full Time Players
     2011-12 Team Bravo (HKAHL Winter) Full Time Players
3) All full time players from the original Bravo Team
4) Any full time players from any Bravo Team (including Bravo in Dragon Center, and Bravo Girls of Hockey 5’s)
5) Anyone who has played as a Part Time player for Bravo
6) New players

Currently, 2013 Bravo M is open to all players in Group 1 (2012-13 Bravo Full Time Players).  You are guaranteed a spot until August 28th, Wednesday.  After that, your spots will be released and we will start taking registration from Group 2, and so on.

To register, please send an email to  Thank you.

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