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Should Supernatural Powers Be Banned From Hockey?

Lamo Hair Power Final

In HKAHC Summer League Round 3 action Sunday night, newly promoted MI Bravo faced off against rivals Merit Thinkers.  Merit Thinkers was promoted to Division C after Round 1 and has successfully defended their Div. C status in Round 2.

Bravo Defenseman Michael Shoong finally returned to the lineup however, top offensive defenseman Randy Lau was missing from the lineup for undisclosed reasons.  The team recruited current national team member Steven Lai at the rink after a previous deal fell though at last minute.

Coming into the game as underdogs, Bravo played somewhat conservatively at the beginning of the game.  The powerful Merit Thinker team kept pressing for the first goal but it was Bravo goalie Antony “Lamo” Chan who stole the spotlight away from the opposing team.  Lamo made brilliant numerous brilliant saves including an early penalty shot.  Hundreds of fans witnessed Lamo’s newly-acquired “Hair Power” when the Merit Thinker penalty shooter faked goalie Lamo out of position and took a shot at the empty net.  The puck was clearly on its way into the net and Lamo quickly swung his infamous long hair at the puck.  The power threw the puck off track and it hit the post instead.

An unidentified league official stated there’s nothing they could do about Bravo’s increasing use of supernatural powers.  Video replays after the game also showed Lamo’s hair did not physically touched the puck at all.  All the media at the scene was naturally interested in how Lamo acquired the seemingly immortal skill, but mysteriously, he vanished immediately after the game and was not available for comments.

The game was scoreless until 11 seconds remaining in the first when Bravo forward Jo Ma was called for a hooking penalty and Merit Thinker forward Michael Cheuk scored the penalty shot.  Merit Thinkers continued their dominance into the second period and Robbie Lee scored their second goal two minutes into the second period.

That was when Lamo’s Hair Power struck again.  Witnesses said that immediately after Robbie Lee scored, Lamo swung his long hair in an anti-clockwise circular motion for about 10 seconds.  Light, glitter, and a strange smell came out from his goalie mask.  Perhaps even stranger, all Bravo players suddenly skated faster and quicker, and strange things started to happen.

Defenseman Scott Yang was the first to be affected.  Known for his ultra-defensive-stay-at-home play style, Yang suddenly took the puck and carried all the way to the end zone of Merit Thinkers.  He then passed the puck to Jo Ma who’s waiting right in front of the net.  Ma, known for skating all over the rink but in front of the net, banged in the first goal for Bravo.

Then replacement player Steven Lai, who was quiet through out the game, also caught fire and scored a brilliant personal goal for Bravo mid-way through the second period.  Perhaps Lamo’s Hair Power also affected the opposing team as well — they stopped scoring.

At the end of game,  shots on goals were 17-10 for Merit Thinkers.  To everyone’s surprise, Bravo held the much-more powerful Merit Thinkers to a 2-2 tie, earning themselves a valuable one point in Division C standings.   Bravo’s goal to remain in Division C suddenly seems less remote.

Bravo will play Blizzard next Tuesday at 22:00.

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