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Bravo And Bulls Hit Game A Classic Hit


bravo bh game 1

Clash of the Titans

With the Empire Skate Hockey League (EHL) Summer Season Division B schedule, DC Bravo and Bulls Hit will play against each other 3 times in the 9-game regular season.  EHL Commissioner Wong Cheung said this arrangement is to promote rivalry between teams and sure enough, the rivalry between Bravo and Bulls Hit was ignited yesterday night at Dragon Center.

Bravo has a full squad of 9 players.  Manager Yang has signed goalie Eddie Chi to replace Rex Kong, who was picked up by a Division A team.  Newly-signed defenseman Kevin So joined the team for the first time after missing the season opener last week.  Bulls Hit was missing key players and manager Stephanie Cheung signed fellow JL’ers Mighty Doug Crang and Alan Lui to one-day contracts.

kevinso grizzlies

Kevin So solid in debut

Eddie Chi Debut

Bravo goalie Eddie Chi

Both teams were cautious at the beginning of the game as Bulls Hit split up their powerful trio HKF, Kay Tsoi, and Mighty Doug into three separate lines.  Bravo also played it safe with 2 defensemen per line, however it was Bulls Hit who had the upper-hand through out the game.  Bravo goalie Eddie Chi performed admirably in net and kept the game close early on.

Things changed when Bulls Hit forward Mighty Doug scored.  He carried the puck into the zone with a wonderful personal effort, goalie Chi managed to stop the first shot attempt but Mighty Doug jammed in the loose puck.  Both teams would score back and forth all the way into the second period.

Bulls Hit got their break when Bravo’s defense and goaltending experienced a brief break-down.  Bulls Hit quickly capitalized the chance and scored two quick goals.  The score was 5-2 at one point during the game but Bravo never gave up hope.  Bravo manager Yang made changes to the line up and the team responded positively to the changes.  The seemingly hopeless game was quickly turned back into an exciting one with 2 consecutive Bravo goals scored.

Doug in a different jersey

Doug in a different jersey

With less than one minute left in the game, Bravo pulled their goalie for the extra attacker.  They piled in shots after shots including several close scrambles in front of Bulls Hit goalie Orion “SSP Tiger” Wong.  Fans around the rink went wild with the intense action but it was the Sham Shui Po Tiger who saved the day for Bulls Hit, as they went on to win the game 5-4.

Fans will be talking about this thrilling game for a long time to come and they will certainly be looking forward to their next head to head game.  With the win, Bulls Hit overtook DC Bravo in standings and climbed to first place overall. 20130704 scoreboard

Next week DC Bravo will play White Orange at 22:40, Bulls Hit will play PLK at 21:00.  Their full schedule can be found at


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