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Who Wants To Shop And Play Hockey In Thailand?



Logo for Jung Lok Athletic ClubThe 2013 Land of Smiles Ice Hockey Classic tournament will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from October 30 (Wednesday) to November 2 (Saturday).  This prestigious annual tournament has attracted mostly men’s team from all over the world over the past years, but the women’s division has grown to be quite competitive recently.

There were four teams participating in the 2012 Women’s Division: Abu Dhabi Storms won the tournament with a perfect record of 5-0, scoring 20 goals and letting in only 2 in those 5 games.  Bangkok C Gals, Hong Kong WIHO, and Dubai Gazelles finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively.  WIHO’s team did not put out their best team last year.  Still, they had Michelle Chee, Estelle Ip, Betty Lai, and Claudia Ieong.

Depending on your feedback, Jung Lok can send in a team to gain experience from all these great teams.  The tournament fee (not including jerseys / meals / travel, etc) is approximately HKD1400.00 per player/goalie on a team of 13 players plus a goalie.

It is important to know that our goal for this team is to gain experience and learn to become better players through this trip.  So if you enjoy a shopping trip with your team mates, and if you do not mind losing a few games, you are more than welcome to join us.

More information will be posted if responsible is positive.  Meanwhile, please contact our Women’s Team Manager Stephanie Cheung to sign up for the team.

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