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Bravo With Historic Upset Win, But No One Saw Anything

2013 Bravo Wiho Fog

The last game of yesterday night’s Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Summer League put favorites WIHO Avida against our very own MI Bravo.  This game was crucial for both teams as it was potentially the deciding game for promotion to Division C.  MI Bravo brought in power forward Doug “The Mighty Duck” Crang to replace injured defense Michael Shoong.

Both teams were no doubt excited and nervous before the game, but the excitement quickly turned into disbelief as the rink was seriously fogged up when game time came.  At the worst moment, goalies could barely see the top of the face-off circles in their own zones.  While this might be yet another magical summoning of Bravo forward Patricia “The Summoner” Ng, staff at MegaIce insisted that the fog was caused by the m

2013 Bravo Wiho pog

all’s decision to shut down air-conditioning early during weekdays.

Nobody saw anything:  Goalies did not see the puck, referees did not see the players, the scorekeepers did not see the referees, the players did not see the bench.  A serious promotional battle was turned into a survival of elements.  WIHO Avida goalie Willard Li said it best during the post-game interview, “It was just impossible to see.  The puck would suddenly appear from the fog and there was very little time to react.”  Li also commented on Bravo’s away jerseys, “Their jerseys were mostly white and it was like camouflage.”  A MegaIce staff described Bravo players as “snowmen in a heavy blizzard.”

While no one on the ice were happy about the conditions, MI Bravo players were heard (remember, no one saw them) singing fog-related songs, shouting at each other, and asking others for the whereabouts of the puck.  For the fans who showed up (remember, no one saw them), those were just ways to endure the poor playing conditions.  However, according to captain Murphy Cheung, “it was an advanced tactic so our players were constantly aware of each other’s whereabouts, and they got vital game-related information as the game went on.”

Although no one except the referees saw the goals being scored, MI Bravo won the game by a score of 5-1.  Ho Ka Fai brought home the player of the game award with a hat-trick, Mighty Duck scored a goal and an assist.  Defense Randy Lau also put in a goal to complete the scoring.

With the win, Bravo currently sits first in Division D standings and they now have their work cut out for them.  They must win their next two games in order to gain promotion.  Their next game will be against Edward “Dung Son” Lee and the Grizzlies on 22:00 this coming Sunday.

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