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AHC League Update Puts You In The Penalty Box

HKAHCAs the Standard League comes to a close this week, The HKAHC Summer League will start to play some of it’s games on Tuesdays.  With all the delays we have seen through out the season so far, managers from around the league has shown concerns especially about the Tuesday games.  HKAHC has stated their goal is to finish all games on or before 00:15 every night, the full league procedural update are listed below.  Perhaps the most interesting update is about the players’ bench.

Ice Time


– No puck during warm-up

– No icing call

– No time-out

– No intermission

– No handshake after game

– Any type of penalty will result in Penalty Shot

– Resurface the ice after 3 games


– No resurface the ice after WIHO practice

– Resurface at 10:30pm, after 3 games are played (if we have 4 games scheduled, resurface will be done after 2 games)


Players Arrangement

We won’t allow anymore players to join in the part-time pool, but we will allow Part-time players to play a maximum of 2 games for $290 per game, hope this arrangement can help TM to find players as subs.

FT/PT Goalie can only play a maximum 2 games, hope this will give other goalies a chance to play.


Players’ Bench

We will be using the Penalty Box as our players’ bench during our upcoming games because there will be construction at the players’ bench area.

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